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A few of the essential tools that we lost in the fire

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Many people have asked us about how to help replacing the tools that NCOF lost in the fire.

Here are some of the items for which we are specifically looking.  Mail-ordering individual items is expensive and not environmentally friendly. Where we can we would prefer to consolodate our orders rather than pay for shipping on each separate item, so where shipping will be charged, we have included the approximate shipping price as best we could figure it in the cost of the item.  (Johnny's has free shipping over $200; not sure about VY Carts.)

All that said, if you'd like to go ahead and obtain one of these tools another way, you are more than welcome to, we really appreciate you help and thank you for your support.

12 5-inch Stirrup Scuffle Hoes from Johnny's Selected Seeds Product ID: 9500