NCOF Bouquet Shares at the Natick Senior Center

10 weeks of seasonal, certified-organic Natick Community Organic Farm fresh flower bouquets

Natick Community Organic Farm's certified-organic cut flowers can't be beat for freshness or beauty! 10 weeks of bouquets, brought right to you at Natick's Community-Senior Center, are "food for the soul" and a perfect gift for yourself or a friend!

  • Cost: $165
  • Duration: 10 weeks, beginning in June
  • Participants will be notified one week prior to when shares begin.
  • Weekly pick ups at Natick Community-Senior Center on NCOF pop-up market days (Tuesday mornings, July and August)
  • Blooms will change as the season progresses and include unique varieties not found elsewhere.
  • No NCOF membership required.
  • Proceeds support local agriculture and NCOF's mission of providing productive open space, farm products, and hands-on education to all ages, year-round!

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