Omnivore Harvest Dinner to go Fri Sept 25 (feeds two)

Put a NCOF Teen to work!

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Did you know?
$96 puts a Teen to work for a day
$500 puts a a Teen to work for a week
$1000 puts a Teen to work for 2 weeks
$2500 puts a Teen to work for the whole summer
$5000 hires a Teen Apprentice for the year
$10,000 hires 5 Teen Work Crew members for the whole summer

Omnivore Meal for Two

Hors d'oeuvres
Artisanal Bread 
| vegetarian
Roasted NCOF Garlic & Herb Spread 
NCOF Maple Butter 
| vegetarian

MA Cheese Guild Cheese & Cracker Board | vegetarian
Carmelized Onion & NCOF Tomato Jam 

Blistered NCOF Shishito Peppers |vegan
Local Apple Chutney |vegan 

All-NCOF Fall Vegetable Garden Salad 

 Roasted Squash, Grilled Cherry Tomatoes, Charred Sweet Peppers, Shaved Fennel, Pickled Radish, Crispy Shallots, Garden Greens with a NCOF Maple-Mustard vinaigrette

Cider Braised Pork & Root Vegetable Ragu
| omnivore

 Expresso Dusted Blondie Bar | organic ingredients| vegetarian
Brown Butter Snickerdoodle Cookie with NCOF Maple Icing 
|organic ingredients| vegetarian

Questions about ingredients? Email us
Sending someone in your stead? Email us.

Please note that tickets are nonrefundable but transferable.