Rabbits for Sale


Bunnies for sale through out the year


Expertly cared for, humanely raised and well socialized rabbits available throughout the year. 

Whether it is your first time owning rabbits or you are a rabbit afficianado, we will send you home with a care kit and basic care instructions to begin caring for your new pet.


Kits are Flemish Giant x New Zealand Crosses, these are big beautiful bunnies know for their docile nature. A great choice for outdoor hutches and runs or as indoor bunnies. Bunnies go home at 8 weeks old fully weaned and ready to bond with their new family. Available as individuals or pairs. We recommend housing rabbits in pairs, as such we sell them as buy one get the second 1/2 off. 


Next litter's ready to go home: Now, August 1, and Sept 1 


To find out availability and reserve your new pet email [email protected]