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Natick Community Organic Farm (NCOF)  
is an award-winning, nonprofit, certified-organic farm
providing productive open space, farm products,
and hands-on education for all ages, year-round.
By offering a safe, nurturing place for all people
—especially youth—to engage in physical, outdoor work
and to meaningfully contribute to the farm’s success,
NCOF allows people to discover how good food is
grown and raised. In the process, they learn new skills,
and build confidence, self-worth, accountability, and resiliency.

You’ll help to develop our community’s
future workers and leaders through your
sponsorship. Your business will benefit
by reaching NCOF’s loyal supporter base. 


“I could be bagging groceries. That would be so boring.
Here you have an end product, which I really like, and I get to practice 
skills that I will use for the rest of my life.”

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Teen Backer

Teen Backer

Hire a Teen for a week

Teen Patron

Teen Patron

Hire a Teen for two weeks

Teen Work Crew Hero

Teen Work Crew Hero

Hire a Teen Work Crew Member for the summer

Apprentice Hero

Apprentice Hero

Hire a Teen Apprentice for the year

Teen Work Crew Champion

Teen Work Crew Champion

Hire 5 NCOF Teens on the Teen Work Crew to work for the summer