Late Winter Meat CSA

Welcome to the Late Winter Meat CSA (January - March)

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Possible meats include beef, pork, chicken, lamb, goat, and rabbit.
Organ meat could include liver, kidney, heart, and possibly tongue.

There are 7 pick ups during the Late Winter Meat CSA. Pick up can happen at your convienence Monday-Friday during daylight hours. Pick ups may occur in the farm house or in the root cellar freezer. Pick ups will place during the following weeks. 

January 1st (Jan 1 - 6th)

January 15th (Jan 15 - Jan 19th)

January 29th (Jan 29 - Feb 2)

February 12th (Feb 12 - Feb 16)

February 26th (Feb 26 - March 1)

March 11 (March 11 - March 15)

March 25 (March 25 - March 29)


Most weeks we hope to allow you some element of choice in your share. This will largely center on our $12 cuts and ground options which includes things like kabobs and sausages. This is particular to the medium and large shares which allow for more packing flexibility. 


What are the differences between the size options?

Small- Geared towards single person households. The small share is 1-3 packages of meat weekly, averaging about 2lbs of meat per share. This is not a definite weight but intended to give you a ballpark. Share breaks down to about $25 worth of meat every other week. 

Medium- Geared towards households of 2-3 persons. The medium share opens up the options of small roasts and slightly larger steaks. It is also a higher volume share averaging 4-5lbs of meat every other week. The share breaks down to about $50 worth of meat every other week. 

Large- Geared towards larger households or persons who prefer to stock pile. The large share pricing allows us to be more liberal with larger roasts and cuts. We do not exceed 5lbs for a single piece of meat and that